Friday, October 31, 2008


Trick or Meme...

It appears that I've been tagged. My thanks to Linda for pulling me into the game. Seven answers to seven questions. Here they are:

1. It is your lucky day what are you going to do? Play the Power Ball, and then retire to the mountains, where I can live with the deer.
2. What was the game you played as a child that you almost always or always did win? Kickball.
3. You get to meet anyone from the past or present who will it be? Jesus, the Christ. Just to ask about the things he taught—what was said, how he said it, and what he meant. The translated versions allow for too many interpretations and opinions.
4. When you relax what is it that you do? Write, read or watch movies. For me, it’s all about the stories.
5. What is your favorite number? The one that wins the money (see #1 above).
6. What was the name of your favorite childhood toy? My collection of stuffed animals. I still have them in a box, waiting to give them to my children.
7. If you could name the next fashion fad/craze what would it be? I would call it Simplicity. Blue jeans, plain tee shirts and shoes of your choice. We spend too much energy trying to be somebody rather than who we are.

I guess I will tag Jim, Greta, and Cousin Ed. You know who you are.

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  1. Happy Hallomeme, Stephen - anything to get you to blog more often :^).

    Love your responses - especially your perfect day. Peace, friend...

    Oh, and how do I get to Greta's blog?