Monday, February 9, 2009

Change That You Can See

Over the last few weeks, I realized just how much readers miss in my blog. Those keeping up with this site might only browse long enough to see the latest posting, never looking at (or realizing) the other changes that have occurred. One of the biggest drawbacks to the "old blog" was the two-column design. Under that limited format, many items such as other blogs I frequent or sites I think are noteworthy (especially those editors with whom I am published), can go unnoticed. So, to remedy the shortcomings recognized, I looked into changing things up, adding a third column so that you, my dear readers, can easily cast your eyes on the other items of note without scrolling to find them.

Furthermore, with the possibility of other blogs linking this site, and showing either the title or the first line from my blog posting, I decided to start assigning titles to each post. An actual title, I believe, will be more appetizing than the garden-variety date that I have been using up till now, which is about as appealing as a tuna fish casserole.

It is my hope the changes are for the better. But you'll have to let me know.


  1. Hi, Stephen. Since this is my first visit to your blog I can't fairly compare to what you had before. I like the look you have now, and agree the titles make it easier for readers to search for posts that might interest them. I've been wondering if blogspot could have 3 columns instead of 2, for the same reasons you mention, and now that I know it's possible I'll have to check the settings on my own blog.

    I've always loved your writing style, and will be stopping by occasionally to see what you're thinking about. I know it will be good stuff.

  2. I like the changes, the double columns flanking the headliner. Nice. Spring cleaning... Peace, Linda

  3. Carol,

    At the bottom of my blog, you'll notice the website where I was able to find the three-column blog templates. They're free.

    One caveat, though: After changing my blog, the new template erased almost all of my widgets, which then had to be re-created. It may take you a while, but I think the effort is worth the cause.

  4. Thanks for the link, Stephen. The one gripe I have about my "comments" module is that visitors can't post their URLs. Thanks for sharing yours; I've now added it to my blogroll. I didn't even know you had a blog! I'll be here often, now.