Wednesday, January 27, 2010


NOTE TO SELF: Don't post to a blog when you’re suffering from sleep deprivation!

You ever have those moments when you feel like that dream about walking around naked somehow came true and now everyone can see your Spider Man Underoos? Or maybe it’s that moment when you turn on the faucet in the public bathroom, not realizing the water pressure could knock out a three-alarm fire and now the front of your pants looks like you didn’t make it in time. Or how about the time you just finished a half-hour meeting with your kid’s teacher, only to look in the rear view mirror and see you’ve had this blanket-size piece of lettuce stuck in your teeth the whole time?

Makes you want to crawl under a rock, doesn’t it? Or maybe you wish that God in His mercy would send a lightning bolt and fry you like a pork rind?

Two days ago, on a surge of emotional energy I pushed and pushed to get my novel done. So excited, posted a link on facebook that I had written “After 3 months, and slightly more than 104K words: ‘The End.’”

Satisfied with that, I then went and drafted up a blog entry to make the same announcement, only to type “four-hundred-thousand” instead of “a hundred and four thousand”.

After that, about one o’clock in the morning, I turned out the lights and dozed off, still juiced with excitement over my achievement and totally unaware of the HUGE problem with my posting.

Until today.

What can I say? Some days, it just doesn’t pay to wake up.

So, for all my fellow writers who stopped by and thought, “Wow, what a major job he did!” well, it wasn’t really as great as you believed.

So, there'll be no more posting after nine.

Lesson learned.

Who knows? Maybe I should go check my novel now and make sure the right people died in the end.


  1. Now that would be a problem if the wrong people died!

    P.S. I always check my teeth BEFORE the meeting...OCD has its perks.

  2. LOL. I didn't even catch it when I read it. Sometimes the mind just resorts things so they make sense.

    Your prelude to today's blog was laugh out loud funny Stephen. Seriously good stuff. Save some of those for a wise-cracking character some day.


  3. You gotta stop borrowing your son's underpants, Stephen :)

    Congrats on finishing the marathon. Great job.

  4. Hey, congratulations! Typo or not, that's a wonderful achievement. And I'm SO glad it's not 400,000 words. I'm a slow reader!

  5. okay so if one is naked doesn't that mean one has on NO underoos? I'm just saying :-)

    you wrote it till the end, and that is a very good thing

  6. Thanks for laughing with me, everyone.

    Laura: Thankfully, the right people died.

    John: I'll need a wise-cracking character some day. With the exception of a couple rare moments, everyone was serious with my first novel.

    Greta: Don't borrow anyone else's underpants. Besides the obvious Yuk factor, you don't want to get blamed for someone else's skid marks. :P

    Jon: I don't think I could write a 400K novel. Hitting the finish line at 104K just about took everything out of me.

    Paige: You make a good point.