Friday, February 25, 2011

#FridayFlash - Animals

I stared through the glass and thought of bears, lions, monkeys… Well, apes really. For Mollie, I had been all of them at one time or another, dressing up as she’d requested and growling, squawking or hooting like she wanted in order to fulfill some deep craving inside. One night I even hung from the chandelier by one hand, scratching my side with the other and howling like a wild man--an idea that seemed like fun at the time, but then went south as everything came crashing down. That stunt put me on the chiropractor’s table, and then out of work for two days.

Thinking back through it all, Mollie and I had ourselves a grand time. I wouldn’t say that we were inseparable, like there was some deep attraction or cosmic law of gravity love that pulled us together through time and space. No, it was more like driving down the road and finding a detour sign that took you through a part of the country you would have never thought to look at before.

But that all ended last night, when she told me it was to be our last journey together. Afterwards, we could never see each other again. It wasn’t like I didn’t know it was coming, though. We’d often talked about this day, how it was rapidly approaching and things--life in general, really--would have to be different.

Beside my reflection in the glass, another face appeared. Behind me, a voice asked, “Are you ready to be seated, sir?”

I turned around, caught the wondering gaze of a young usher who couldn’t be more than fifteen. I then glanced back through the glass at the people already seated, all of them listening as the string quartet played some classical piece.

“Yes,” I said. “I'm ready.”

“Are you a friend of the groom?”

I smiled, thinking about bears, lions and apes again.

“No, I’m a long-time friend of the bride.”


  1. Good story. Poor guy. Sounds like he's a bit more broken up about it than he's trying to let on.

  2. So I may have been way off. In the opening I was thinking he had either dressed up to amuse his daughter, or was part of some super-kinky fetishes for a girlfriend. Turning those expectations into the-one-who-got-away is downright hilarious.

    Heads up: I tried to get here through your Google profile and it didn't list you having any blogs. If that's still the case you should correct it so people can navigate back here through your comments.

  3. Yep, head me thinking along the same lines as J.W.

    Seems like a nice detour while it lasted. Speak now or forever hold his peace?

  4. Love coming across people whose work I have not read through the #fridayflash community.
    This was a great piece that opened up so much with the ending. Cleverly twisted.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  5. The first paragraph had me laughing, especially the chandalier stunt, but I could feel the underlying sadness and sense of loss running through this too.

  6. I enjoyed this. I like the implied relationship between the POV character and Mollie - it would take quite an open and honest relationship for someone to hang from an chandelier for the other's amusement.

    I did have a bit of a time figuring out the glass. It's the glass separation between the nave of the church and the vestibule. Right?

  7. yeah, my gutter mind was thinking the Furry / Fuzzy Fetish...I like this much better, well sorta...bad bride & all

  8. I want to extend my sincere appreciation to everyone for the feedback. Like Billy Bob and Angelina and their viles of blood, some relationships are, for lack of a better word, a little on the bizarre side of things. With that thought in mind, the relationship here is also slightly twisted. Like Eric, and as John also expressed, I feel sorry for his loss; by showing up at the wedding, it appears he hasn't been totally honest with himself--or with her.

    Harry, your question is the same one I have to ask. I like how it ends without answering that question. It gives us something to ponder. :)

    Adam B: Thank you for stopping by. I'm glad the twist worked.

    Steve and Jon: That chandalier stunt tells you just how free he felt with this girl. Too bad for him, she was more free.

    Paige: You nailed her. To think she spent her "bachelorette" evening with him, too? Yeah, I'd say she's been a bad bride. By him showing up at the wedding, though, it makes you wonder if those chickens will come home a little early.

  9. Hope there's no chandeliers in the chapel!
    I liked the way you surprised us all with the ending: i had no idea why this kinky relationship had ended.