Monday, August 17, 2009

Saying So Long to the Summer of 2009

I know. Looking at the calendar, the "Summer" season doesn't technically end for another month. However, next week my kiddos start school, and that basically spells an end to my summer break. I call it my summer break because during these months I enjoy climbing out of bed and driving into the office to snatch some time alone to read and write. In a few more days, however, all of that will change, and I'll have to reset my schedule to writing in the evenings once the children are put in bed.

Looking back over my postings this summer, I recall that I mentioned my short reading list. Today, I turned the last page to Stephen King's The Stand, which I estimated would take me the summer to finish. Replacing the dust cover (which I usually remove while reading so it doesn't get torn) the completed book is just another event signifying an end to my summer.

Oh well, that's that. For me, it has been a good summer. I have completed a momentous novel. I have written several short stories. A few have been posted here; others have been submitted. I took a week in the mountains. And I have enjoyed it all. How about you?

Regarding The Stand, while the long stretch in Book II (the novel is divided into three books) held moments of mental fatigue, Book III made the journey worth it. In all of Stephen King's novels, I believe this one to be the most thoughtful about humanity, religion, love and self-sacrifice. There was a poignant moment where I actually felt sadness welling up inside of me. If you don't want to read the uncut version, which clocks in at 1,153 pages, then at least find the originally published version and give it a go. I believe you will find the completed package well worth your time.


  1. I found it interesting that you'd just finished The Stand because that's what I am about to start on. I haven't read it since it first came out so I don't recall much now.

    Enjoy the kids while they're still around. One day too soon they'll have moved out. :-)

  2. Where I come from, Summer ends in July. August is the start of Fall (Autumn). So I always get confused now I've moved to lower latitudes.

    Enjoy what's left.

    I read The Stand a long time ago. Remember very little of it.

  3. Sounds like you had a great summer.

    So tell me, having read both the original and the long version, which is better? I've seen some pretty long books that could use some tight editing. That makes me wonder if the expanded version is better, or just expanded?

  4. My daughter just left for college today, and my son leaves on Saturday. That means summer is definitely over, and life will slow down for a while as I adjust to having those two gone. Hopefully I will also make some progress on the novel I put aside when they came home in May.

    I've been doing more reading than usual but haven't read The Stand. I know I'd never make it through the long version.


  5. I just returned from Austin with no secure access. As such, I'm sorry it took me so long to respond.

    Laura: You're right. I try to enjoy the kiddos as much as I can.

    Kevin: Growing up, I always correlated "Summer" with the break from school. When I look at a calendar, though, the season is technically in place until September 21, which is also confusing because in some parts of the country the weather already feels cool by then.

    Jon: I recommend the short version. There are parts of the uncut version that are hard to get through.

    Carol: Good luck with the novel. I've yet to finish one. :(

  6. Hmmm... I so swear I left a comment here the other night... hmmm.... but I'll hang here again and share that bittersweet 'summer's over' feeling. Sigh. The crickets whirring reminds me of fall, always a melancholy feeling.

    Peace, Linda